Trust launch new website for Twickenham Riverside

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

The Twickenham Riverside Trust is proud to introduce its new website, where it aims to provide information about its latest work and views, as well as about what's going on in the area.

The site includes sections relating to the nature and environment to be found along the river path from Twickenham and Richmond, information on the history of the local area, including Eel Pie Island and the local boatyards and will regularly feature blogs and interviews with the people and organisations who make the area the unique place it is.

The site will also ensure that the Trust's involvement in the ongoing work by Richmond Council to redevelop the riverside and its obligations as a charity and a leaseholder of the Diamond Jubilee Gardens, is clear.

On this issue, the Trust will soon launch a local online consultation to fulfil its obligations to the the Charity Commission, which requires it to consult the public before it can issue an Order to enable it to make material changes to its lease, as would be required to facilitate the Twickenham Riverside redevelopment.

This site will be updated regularly and if you have any thoughts and views or ideas, or you'd like to contribute an article or an image, please do email us on

The Trust is grateful for the many people who have allowed us to use their images across the site including Jim Pickard, Trevor Pearcy, Charlotte Meggitt, Ambrose Fotiadis-Negrepontis, Bob Hinks and Marisa Lazaro.

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